My Favourite Hair Accessory

Hello and welcome to Winter everyone!

Since getting my hair extensions I’ve been looking for ways to keep them tamed, but in a cute way. I have discovered a serious obsession for scrunchies, especially my ones from Chelsea King. What I love about these is the quality and durability, plus the adorable patterns and materials! Chelsea King scrunchies are all handmade in Canada, which is a major plus for us Canadians.

What I think is super clever, are their different collections. They have some based on patterns and colours such as the floral collection, neutrals collection and blush collection. However, the coolest thing is the materials they use.



My all-time favourite is their Satin Sleep Collection because the material (satin) helps reduce hair breakage while sleeping! My extensions – and my real hair – need a lot of TLC and so I absolutely always wear my Satin scrunchie to bed. 


Another gorgeous collection is their Crushed Velvet Collection. Each scrunchie is absolutely stunning and beyond soft. The colours really pop and they’re certainly nice to have around your wrist. I also have one of their scrunchies from the Active + Swim Collection which is handy because the material withstands water and sweat through wicking it and drying quickly, rather than other scrunchies that would just absorb it and start to smell.DSC03642


During my collaboration with Chelsea King, they released Scrunchie & Scarf sets! I love these because the scarf detaches and can be worn alone or tied to the scrunchie for different looks!

Really, you can’t go wrong with CK scrunchies because you’re bound to find a material, pattern, and size that you like! They also just launched cashmere scrunchies…so what are you waiting for?


xx Morgan

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