Discount Codes

Everyone loves discounts, that’s why I’ve teamed up with these brands to offer you savings on the things you may not need…but I know you want! xx

”MORGAN15” at Twenty Compass Jewelry 

“MORGAN10” for Kaseme’s new Spring Phone Case Collection

“MORGANS20” for Three Ships Beauty products (all natural and super affordable!)

”MORGAN35OFF” for S’ÄIMME Cosmetics sustainable skincare products!

“MORGAN30” for Crafty Cabin handmade accessories

“Morgan10” for Mr Cuppie sustainable travel mugs!

”MORGANSALLMEN” for 20% off at Pokoloko

“MORGAN10” at Jomami Jewelry

“MORGANSALLMEN10” for Chelsea King scrunchies

“MORGANSALLMEN10” for Linjer Co jewelry

“MORGAN15” at Mala the Brand

“MORGAN15” for $ off vanity mirrors from FanciiCo

“MORGANSALLMEN20” – use for 20% off at puravidabracelets

Keep checking back as I’ll be adding new codes every once and awhile!