These Scents Are Everything

I am a huge fan of candles and love to have one lit at all times. Certain scents lift my mood and others create a cozy feeling on dreary weather days. I recently discovered T.Lees, a Canadian company that creates the most aesthetic, handmade candles, and I fell in love. The scents are all well-curated and subtle enough that they don’t take over the room, but rather, leave a lovely scent in the air. The scents I received are:

  • Peach & Hibiscus – amazing for the summer months. It’s a light, floral/fruity scent.
  • Woodsmoke – this has got to be my absolute favourite. It reminds me of sitting around the fire on a cool Fall day, or out around a fire pit on a warm summer night. Nothing better!
  • Earl Grey Tea – a lovely homage to my favourite Fall drink.
  • Coconut Chai  – a bit of a sweeter scent, but also with hints of vanilla cream and cinnamon. So delicious!



Another really cool item they sell are their rechargeable candle lighters. Honestly, I’ve never seen anything quite like it before and knew I needed to have it! You can charge it via a USB plug and turn it on/off based on when you’re using it. It has prongs that shoot out and light your candle from afar, meaning no more burnt fingers! It also has enough power to light wooden wicks along with cotton wicks.


T.Lees also sells a variety of hand soaps and lip balms, as well as offering at-home candle making kits if you’re looking for something to pass the time! They try their best to use sustainable, organic ingredients where possible and also offer a jar recycling program.

Check them out and shop their wide-variety of scents! You’ll definitely love them as much as I do.

xx Morgan

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