insta .jpgMorgan Sallmen is currently working as an e-commerce and operations manager for a boutique store in Toronto. She has her degree in Fashion and Entertainment Marketing from the Toronto Film School. Prior to this, she graduated with an Honours bachelor’s degree Specializing in Spanish, with a Minor in Psychology from the University of Ottawa.

Morgan has always had an interest in fashion, beauty, and travel. She loves to  create content for both her blog and social media platforms, and has been fortunate enough to work with some well-known, well-respected brands in the beauty and fashion industries.

Message from Morgan

Hi all! I’m thrilled that you are visiting my site and hope there’s something here of interest to you.

Travelling is a major passion of mine, but so is fashion and beauty. Therefore, I dedicate this blog to the countless brands I have a relationship with  – some not so mainstream, but still incredibly wonderful – and also the places I’m fortunate enough to visit. Through this site I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences with all sorts of brand names, as well as helping you snag a discount here and there! I believe it is extremely important to explore our world and participate in activities you never thought you would have the chance to. I’m one of those people who will stop the car just to hop out and take in the scenery, even if I’ve driven the same route several times. Experience is everything, and we only have one life to take advantage all the opportunities available to us and run with them. Who needs a life plan anyways?


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