Top 5 Travel Essentials

Hi all,

As I’ve been travelling quite a bit recently, I thought I’d put together a list of my top 5 travel essentials. These are things I always have with me and highly recommend to make travelling easier and stress-free!

ONE: Sanitizing Wipes 

I can’t stress how important these are to have while travelling! Every time I get on a plane, bus, or train I will wipe down all areas I’m within reach of with a wipe. You’d be amazed at how many germs there are floating around and how doing this can minimize your chance of getting sick during or after travelling. I use these wipes, which also double as napkins if you’re a messy human. They come in packs of 20 or individually-wrapped.

wet ones

TWO: Away Luggage 

My Away luggage is literally THE best I’ve ever had. They have amazing customer service and a lifetime warranty, so if anything ever happens to your bag it will be replaced or repaired at no cost! I suggest the bigger carry-on with the ejectable battery pack for shorter trips, as you can charge your phone or iPad from it during travels. They all come equipped with a laundry bag, 4-wheels, a compression pack, and one side that zips shut for hard goods. I also have the large luggage for longer hauls. A bonus is all the amazing colours that they come in!


THREE: Beis Carry On Cosmetic Case 

I bought this right when it came out and I’ve used it on every trip so far. Mainly, I put my travel liquids in it – makeup in one side and skincare in the other. Not going to lie, when travelling to Europe and Mexico I never had any issues with it, but recently the border security have been pulling me aside for using it (within Canada and the USA). However, I never had to throw anything out and they just gave it right back after looking at it. I find it’s the best case to fit all my travel-sized goodies in and I can fit quite a bit while still being within the 1L carry-on limit.


FOUR: Zitsticka Killa Kit 

I recently tried these guys out and think they’re so smart to bring along on trips! They are individually packaged patches that you place on a pimple to help fight it. Each box comes with 8 patches and 8 cleaning swabs for you to clean the area before applying the patch. They are virtually invisible so they can be worn during the day or overnight. It’s the perfect companion to bring with you so you’re always camera-ready!


FIVE: Portable Charger 

If you aren’t travelling with luggage that has a battery pack, I highly recommend bringing along a portable charger such as this one. They’re pretty inexpensive and they come in handy if you’re going out for long periods of time and don’t want to stress about your phone dying. I’ve used this on hikes, cruises, or days at the beach and it always brings me peace of mind.


Extra: Universal Adapter

I have to add that if you’re travelling to another country where the outlets are different, this adapter is a great accessory to have. I have used this many times and I love how with just the slide of a button you have 3 adapters in one. SIDE NOTE: if you purchase the Away Bigger Carry On, it also comes with outlet adapters and you won’t need another one.



Hope you all found this useful and think about packing these for your next trip!

Happy travels,

Morgan xx

One thought on “Top 5 Travel Essentials

  1. I may actually have to look at investing in the Away Luggage! I love a bright case so that it’s super easy to spot when coming out on the carrousel (my current case is bright pink, has a polka dot address label and my padlock is bright yellow so there’s no mistaking mine! Haha).

    Hope you’ve enjoyed your recent trips!



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