Swimming Through the Snow

When in Canada, where in the world does one buy bikinis for those 2-3 months of warm weather we may or may not receive every year? This is the most popular question I get since Victoria’s Secret stopped their swim line *sigh*, so I’ve decided to make this post reviewing all the bikinis I’ve ever gotten (which is way too may)! I will mention that I enjoy tops that are padded or thicker fabrics and bottoms that aren’t super tight or cheeky.

  • As a guide, I have put stars next to brands I’d purchase from again!

Hanu Hawaii 

Hanu Hawaii is a small Etsy store, where all their bikinis are handmade. When I came across this brand a year ago their prices were significantly less than they are now. Overall the bottoms I got were maybe $45 CAD total.




  • Shipping isn’t overly expensive
  • No duties and taxes
  • Still cheaper than other more popular swimwear brands
  • Most of their suits are seamless!


  • Sizing varies (My bottoms are fairly tight and have no give to them)
  • Long shipping times (a few weeks)
  • The quality isn’t wonderful (my bottoms are literally two thin pieces of fabric sewn together)


Plumeria Swim*


  • They’re always having sales!
  • Padded bikini tops and seamless bottoms
  • Wide variety of colours
  • Decent prices, no dplumeriauties and taxes
  • I’ve had these suits for years and the colours have not faded
  • Majorly comfortable


  • The “more coverage” bottoms definitely don’t have more coverage
  • USD – enough said
  • Sizing varies depending on the colour of the bikini (I have the same exact bikini in yellow and black and the black bottoms are way tighter/smaller than the yellow hm..)


Hoaka Swimwear 



  • Canadian brand – shipping is affordable and quick for once!
  • Many designs and colours


  • Neoprene – I am definitely not a fan of neoprene suits because they are hot and sweaty and usually way too tight regardless of the sizing (but hey! everyone’s different with the fabrics they enjoy)


Emelle Swim 






  • Thick, luxe material
  • Very good sales – when they have them
  • No duties and taxes
  • Easy to mix and match tops and bottoms


  • Sizing runs a tad small
  • Shipping is expensive emelle2
  • Takes a little while to ship
  • I wasn’t a fan of the no padding in tops and how cheeky the bottoms were



Fox Swimwear


  • Amazing fabric! Super soft and super comfortable fox
  • Their designs and colours are fabulous
  • The fit is perfect (however be aware the bottoms are smaller/cheekier than I expected)
  • Comes with an adorable neoprene swim bag to store your suit in


  • Their shipping is kind of crazy – to be expected from Australia
  • Duties and taxes… there was a good $30 CAD charge for one suit


Fae Swim*




  • The fabric is thicker than most
  • Super comfy because there’s so little to them



  • Very basic colours and match with a ton!
  • The back closures are wonderful and easy – also do not rub into your back
  • Sizing is accurate


  • SO expensive
  • Duties & taxes were also insane (two tops cost me $180 plus $50 in duties.. yeah)
  • The adjustable straps are not so easy to adjust and often get stuck (I’m too terrified to pull on them too much in case they break)fae1


Kahluna the Label* 

  • Literally amazing is all I can saykahluna1
  • The sizing is perfect, padded tops, super comfortable, shipping is fast, no duties and very cheap!
  • Unfortunately they are making changes to their website right now, so their suits are unavailable for the moment




Moana Bikini*


  • Fit like a charm moana
  • Seamless bottoms are to die for – so comfy and not tight on the sides
  • The prints are adorable
  • Quick shipping, no duties


  • $$$$ – just so expensive for shipping and the suits
  • ALWAYS sold out
  • Can only buy sets in one size


Midori Bikini* – My all time favourite



  • Super comfortable
  • Padded tops
  • Thick, soft, quality material
  • Fit wonderfully (This is the only swim company I’m a medium in and not a small)


    • Always sold out – unless you get in right as they’ve restocked
    • Fairly expensive (USD)


  • Rarely any sales
  • Duties and taxes


If anyone has any questions about anything I did not mention, feel free to leave a comment!


A little something extra… DISCOUNTS 


Molly and FrankMS1319 


Just keep swimming,

Morgan xx

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