If you’re anything like myself and love jewelry but find it hard to commit to buying pieces you may never wear more than once, I have found the ultimate solution! A Canadian based company called Gem Haul allows you to rent jewelry monthly, without the requirement of buying the pieces.


So… How does this work?

  • First, visit their website and fill out their questionnaire to determine which types of jewelry you are interested in so that they can send you pieces that suit your preferences!
  • Next, decide what type of subscription you would like – whether or not you would like to prepay or pay by the month. It is only $19 + taxes per month and you get sent 3 pieces of jewelry per box that range in value from $20 – $150
  • Once you receive the jewelry you can wear it as often as you’d like until you send it back at the end of the month! The best part: free shipping and free returns with the return label Gem Haul provides you with! AND, they ship to and from the States and Canada!
  • If there are pieces you absolutely adore and do not want to send back, you can keep them and the amount will be deducted off of your method of payment after you have returned the box. For members, you will get the jewelry at a discounted price rather than the full retail price, another perk!!

image2They carry jewelry from a variety of brands including Vitaly, TOVA, Mia, Style Society, Maksym, EMD, EllandEmm and The Peach Box.

I have teamed up with them to offer my followers and readers a coupon code for $$ off their boxes !


A few of the pieces I have received from my first box are pictured below! 🙂



Shine on,

Morgan xx




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