Canadian Dog Accessories – Be One Breed

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here and that can be thanks to homeownership and bringing home our new PUPPY!! Near the end of June, we welcomed our little furry daughter into our lives. Her name is Napa and she is a Double Doodle from California who is currently 3 months old. It has been quite the journey so far!

While preparing for her arrival, I spent countless hours searching for dog products and accessories. I wanted the items we purchased to have modern look and feel to them so that they became more of a decor piece, rather than an eye-sore. I discovered Be One Breed through social media and LOVE that they are Canadian! In the last little while, we had the opportunity to try out their products such as the Silicone Collar and matching Leash, as well as their Snuggle Bed. Napa has been thoroughly enjoying all things, and even plays with her leash on her own time.

Silicone Leash and Collar

Choosing the pattern we wanted for these accessories was so difficult at the time because we had no idea which gender puppy we were getting. Be One Breed has such a large variety of fun colours and prints to choose from, all absolutely adorable! We ended up going with a more neutral print – their Bohemian print.

I love that the collar has an easy snap closure as puppies rarely enjoy their first experience with collars aha. As it is made of silicone, it is super easy to clean and very durable! It’s also water-resistant which means no wet dog smell emanating from their collars even once they’re dry. The same features apply to the leash! They also have a neoprene padded handle so that nothing digs into your wrists or hands while you’re walking your pup. This means more time to focus on your puppy and less on how uncomfortable you may be. The handle is adjustable so that you can also put it around your waist should you wish to walk hands-free.

Snuggle Bed

This is the most important item for dogs, because aside from their crates, it is a place for them to feel cozy and protected. I really wanted something comfortable, easy to clean, and aesthetically pleasing. The bed is very spacious and I like that the edges come up so that Napa can’t tumble out. She’s tiny and it would be a far drop! The bottom of the bed is non-slip and the cover is very soft. It can be easily removed (including the padding) so that you can machine wash the cover when you need. The bed itself contains padded edges and a high-grade memory foam bottom. This padding reduces any pressure pups may feel on their joints and makes it the perfect bed for dogs of all ages!

If you’re interested in trying these or any other items out for your furry friends, please use the code “MORGANSALLMEN20”!

I hope any dog owners out there appreciated discovering a new brand that’s close to home, and please expect more to come.

xx Morgan

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