Secret to Better Skin

One thing I’ve noticed during lockdown is how terrible my skin has gotten. I definitely like to blame masks as the cause, however there are many other items we use on a daily basis that cause acne. The number one: our pillowcases! I like to think I wash my pillowcases often, however often isn’t good enough. A third of our lives are spent on our pillows, and I hate to tell you… they have 1000X more bacteria on them than our toilet seats. Yuck!

I recently switched over to a silk pillow case from Silvi and noticed a massive improvement with my acne. Silvi’s pillowcases are made of 100% Mulberry silk, which contains sericin, a protein that helps to maintain your skin’s moisture and collagen. They also treat their pillowcase with silver ions which are known to be effective in killing bacteria that causes acne.

Silvi makes their pillowcases without chemicals and they are hypoallergenic so everybody can enjoy the benefits! They recently launched silk face masks as well, which are also genius. Combine the two and you’ll be kicking maskne to the curb!

2020 just got a whole lot better – and a whole lot clearer!

Morgan xx

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