Lash Envy

A little while ago I decided to give eyelash extensions a try as I was going on vacation and I always hate doing my eye makeup. My natural eyelashes are extremely short and do not curl whatsoever, so I figured this would be a solid solution. I researched some people in my area and asked around to see where others went before making a decision. I also didn’t want to pay $100+ for a full set and half that every fill. I went to a few people before I finally found a technician that fit what I  was looking for and now I go religiously.

Here’s a little shot of the before and afters (note that these are 2D, so they are two fake lashes adhered to one natural lash and these give more volume than the classic sets which I now get):


The process is fairly simple… meaning you just lay there with your eyes closed for about two hours and fall asleep if you want, can’t get much better than that. The lashes will fall out as your natural lashes do and that is why you need to get refills.

Tips for before:

  • Make sure you aren’t wearing makeup on your eyes or any oil-based products on your skin as this will make the lashes slip and not adhere properly
  • Shower first !! Because you shouldn’t be exposing your new lashes to water/steam for at least 48 hours after application

Aftercare tips:

  • Again, no oil-based products
  • Brush out the lashes with the lash brush your technician supplies you to keep them from clumping or twisting
  • I always blow-dry my lashes upwards with cold air after my showers
  • I also avoid wearing eye makeup at all because I want to keep the area as untouched as possible
  • Don’t sleep directly on your face
  • Don’t pull at your lashes or else they will fall out quicker

One thing I’ve noticed is that I don’t enjoy getting my eyes wet at all while I have these lashes because they tend to hold water due to the make of them. I just wash my face using my hands and use a wash cloth to remove my cleansers so I’m not throwing water onto my eyes 🙂

If anyone lives in the Gatineau/Ottawa region, my technician’s name is Angela and she is absolutely wonderful. My full set was $80 and I go every two weeks for a fill which costs $30. If I wait 3 weeks, it’s $40. I’m just OCD with how they look and my lashes tend to grow quickly so that’s why I get them filled so often.

If there’s anything else anyone would like to ask about my lashes and their care just comment below !


Morgan xx

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