Dominical, Costa Rica

Our second destination on the trip was a super laid-back, surf town called Dominical. It was about a 15 minute drive down the highway from Uvita, yet such a different vibe. We stayed at the Costa Paraiso Hotel located right on Playa Dominicalito. The hotel consists of a few different, single ‘cottages’ that you get all to yourself. 13435847_10209665751421270_1734284240_n
We stayed in the Toucan one which had plenty of room for the two of us, a mini fridge, coffee maker and balcony with a hammock overlooking the water. If you’re looking for the best view possible, this is definitely the room for you. You’re also a little farther back on the property so it’s more private and quiet (other than some lizards that may walk on the roof at night).




Our first day there we went to an animal sanctuary called Alturas, located right out back of another hotel called Villas Alturas. We took a short tour of their property looking at and hearing stories about the animals they were working to rehabilitate and release into the wild. Some of them would never return to the wild because of their physical conditions, but they can stay there and be looked after for life. 13436147_10209665750741253_1022407098_nAfterwards, we had a lunch that was included in the tour (honestly it wasn’t the best food and made us a little sick), so skip that part if you go! Later on that day we walked on Playa Dominicalito, careful not to stray under any palm trees where coconuts are always falling. The tide was starting to go out so we got to see more of the beach and walk further than if it were high tide. 13413821_10209665750461246_355472975_n






I heard before we even went on this trip about an amazing cafe in this town called Cafe Mono Congo, so we decided to check it out.

They had such a great menu filled with healthy options and many that were gluten free and vegan or vegetarian. We ended up going there about 4 or 5 times in our short stay of 2 days that’s how good it was! My absolute favourite was their chocolate papaya pie and their iced frappes.

We tried the Por Que No restaurant at our hotel but I found their food and service to be mediocre. I actually ordered pasta off the kids’ menu because nothing else appealed to me, and it was pretty expensive for what it was. But the view from the restaurant was great!

Our last day we went back to Playa Dominical (right near Cafe Mono Congo) and looked at all the shops, stands and restaurants. This man stopped us and made us a toucan from a palm leaf in under 5 minutes!! The toucan joined us on the rest of our trip. I also decided to buy a stuffed sloth animal because that’s how obsessed with them I am. This was such a cute place and I really loved how many things there were in the area to do and see. We also had surfing lessons booked but we ended up deciding not to go since we had so little time there. Maybe when we go back!

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