Travelling? These are the Essentials

The countdown to Costa Rica is on and the stress of packing is becoming all too real. As girls, we have millions of beauty products we use – possibly even daily – and we can’t pack them all! There are a few items that I find extremely essential to have and luckily most are travel sized.

Finding a good skincare routine is tough sometimes and if you do find one that works, not all the products are travel friendly. When I found Frank Body‘s facial line I fell in love. My skin has gotten so much more clear and soft and my complexion has totally evened out. I find that the better my skin looks without makeup, the more confident I feel and the less IMG_0006makeup I will wear (which means less to pack!). This trio includes a creamy facial cleanser, an exfoliant and an everyday moisturizer. I stupidly bought each one separately not knowing how much I’d enjoy them, but there is a bundle for $49 CAD with FREE shipping that includes all three stored in a cute little container. They are made from all natural ingredients such as ground coffee, jojoba oil, coconut oil. All of their ingredients have their own unique benefits that are intended to improve your skin while remaining a natural alternative to some nasty chemicals used in other skincare lines.



Next is my Smashbox Primer Oil, literally my holy grail of all that is makeup and skincare. At first I was skeptical to put an oil on my face for the fear of IMG_0008breaking out, however I didn’t at all
because this primer is made from 15 essential and natural oils. A few drops can be massaged into your skin before you apply your makeup, or you can add the drops right into your makeup and mix. Another way I’ve used it has been to add a few drops to my Beauty Blende
r and then blend my foundation out with that. Honestly, all these techniques have worked and I don’t favour one over another. This stuff is literally heaven on earth – and when I accidentally dropped mine yesterday and it broke and I lost it all, I cried. I ordered another ASAP. It can seem a little pricey at $50 CAD, but it’s completely worth it as it will last you a very long time (as long as you refrain from dropping it)…


I tend not to wear makeup on vacations because it is a complete hassle and if you are sweating in the heat it can open your pores and cause breakouts. Usually I use BB creams or tinted moisturizers but I recently discovered the new Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation and after trying it out, it’s definitely coming with me to the junIMG_0007gle! It is 20% water based and completely full coverage without feeling heavy or looking cakey. I cannot stand matte finishes when it comes to foundations and I thought
with this one being a water-based liquid it wouldn’t be matte, but to my surprise it is. To counteract the effect I add in a few drops of the previously mentioned Primer Oil and mix it together before applying it to my face and it gives me a more dewy, hydrated
look, which I love. If you’re a fan of matte though, this is definitely for you! It goes on very smooth, covers any redness or imperfections I may have and lasts throughout the day without feeling or looking heavy. My only issue with it is due to it’s recent launch, there is a very small range of shades available and I tend to be right in between their Tan Sand and the darkest shade they offer. I usually find that if I use my bronzer over it, it looks fine but I do wish they had some more shades for more tanned skin!

These guys have all been packed in my bags and are ready to go to the jungle! If anyone has any other skin care or beauty products that they absolutely adore for travelling, comment on this post and let me know what they are! I’d love to check them out.

Morgan xx


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