CocoSwish – Coconut Oil

IMG_5827Did someone say coconut? I’m sure by now many if not all of you have heard about the many benefits of coconut oil on the body, hair, nails, teeth… you name it. Coconut can fix it all. I’ve tried this product called Cocoswish recently and as you can see from the attached picture, they are these little sachets of flavoured coconut oil. What I love about them is that they contain the perfect amount of coconut oil for each session of oil pulling, so all you have to do is empty it into your mouth and you’re all set to swish! And did I mention they’re 100% natural?

So what is oil pulling you ask? It’s where you swish the coconut oil around in your mouth for 15-20 minutes (or longer if you prefer), before spitting it out. The benefits are numerous. By doing this, you can say buh-bye to bad breath, as well as preventing cavities, strengthening your gums and whitening your teeth! These little guys come in three flavours: mint, lemon and vanilla… personally I’m still secretly waiting for a cinnamon flavour, but these are already all so wonderful! Head on over to and check it out for yourself!

xx Morgan

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